N95 Firmware upgrade or Time to install some apps

While checking my feeds yesterday morning I was pleasantly gifted with the news of a new Nokia N95 firmware release. After a quick glance at the story I did what any other proud N95 owner would do, drop everything to retrieve my Nokia USB charger and data cables and promptly upgrade my phone.

While admittedly the first thing to be done after the installation of a new firmware is to check out the shiny new features, but after you've had your fix you need to get onto the more important task of re-installing all those fantastic applications that have become so crucial. It really is amazing how many applications you come to rely on, so much so that I have decided to put together a list of just some of those apps I have recently re-installed.


Best Profile:

Cost: US$11.95
Developer: SmartphoneWare

The last thing you need to hear while your getting stuck into work is someone's obnoxiously loud ringtone so it's only fair that you have your phone on silent as well, but sometimes you just forget. Best Profile is the solution, automatically swapping between profiles at preset times.

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Screenshot 2.0:

Cost: FREE
Developer: Antony Pranata

This application is so simple yet such a must have; from posting themes/apps to MOSH to blogging Nokia related news you just can't be without it.

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Sports Tracker:

Cost: FREE
Developer: Nokia

Sports Tracker is the perfect tool for those of us out of shape, techy types with a GPS enabled phone. What better incentive to exercise more often than being able to upload your workout statistics to the new Sports Tracker web 2.0-esque site and compare your data with others. The applications tracks information such as the route map, distance, speed over time and more, and with the N95s built-in accelerometer it even tracks your step count.

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Cost: €24.95
Developer: Telexy

I only recently came across this application and it's amazing how quickly it became one of my most used applications. SymSMB is a Samba server for your phone which put simply means that you can connect to your local network shares from your phone or browse shares on your phone from your computer(s) all via the N95s WiFi.

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Windows Live:

Cost: FREE
Developer: Microsoft

Windows Live for your Nokia phone is by far one of the greatest applications, bringing Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Mail and Windows Live Contact syncing to your phone and in such a simple and easy to use way it really is a must have.

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Cost: FREE
Developer: DrJukka

Y-Browser is an advanced file manager for your phone giving you a lot more power than the standard file manager. Along with the new features it provides it also has a few plug-ins available to enable things such as browsing your message folders to browsing the contents of .Zip files.

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I also suggest checking out Nokia's Beta Labs as they are constantly churning out great new applications to extend the usefulness of your phone.

how to set up device mgr server n95 8gb plz help me send me email

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