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09 Aug

WYSIWYG ImageField is my latest Drupal module, a module designed to help bridge the gap between WYSIWYG based inline image management and the power of The CCK based ImageField module.

It originally came about while working on a site for a client, the designer had provided guidelines on how inline images should be rendered, with multiple options, to keep a clean look to the site content. Unfortunately the standard behavior was to use the IMCE module to give the client a seamless WYSIWYG experience. The obvious negative to this practice is the lack of control and extensibility one could achieve by the use of the ImageField module.

My previous thoughts on this issue (because it is an all to common issue) was to go with a simple configuration of ImageField and the Insert module, coupled with a few ImageCache presets. While this worked fine for me, it just wasn't as simple and as integrated as IMCE for a client to wrap their head around.

02 Mar

Custom Formatters is just past three months now and I'm pleased to announce not one, but two new releases; 1.4 is now out of beta and 1.5 is now in beta.

Version 1.4 includes all the changes of the two betas, support for the Display Suite module, bulk operations (export and delete) and greatly improved preview functionality, plus a few additional hooks in preparation for 1.5.

12 Feb

One thing I've been meaning to do for a long time is re-design my blog or migrate it over to my portfolio site (http://stuar.tc/lark), because I really dislike this design, but unfortunately we don't always have time to do the things we want.

I did start looking into it again the other day and decided that part of the redesign/migration would be to integrate some sort of social networking bookmark service widget into the site, and the best one I've seen by far is the WordPress plugin: SexyBookmarks.

01 Feb

I'm happy to announce that Custom Formatters 1.3 is now available for download.

The primary changes this time around are:

  • Previews
    See live previews of your formatters during creation.
  • API Hooks
    Developers can now improve support between their modules CCK field and the Custom Formatters module.
  • More tokens
    Per request, I've added some much needed tokens to Custom Formatters to help with the creation of formatters.

Custom Formatters 1.3

Read on for more information.

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